Beacon Medical Group was founded by Cardiothoracic Surgeon Professor J Mark Redmond, Michael Cullen and John Delaney in 2002 to advance Professor Redmond’s philosophy and vision of healthcare excellence in Ireland.

BMG developed Beacon Medical Campus which now incorporates the 214 bed Beacon Hospital; Beacon Consultants Clinic and Concourse; Beacon Hall; Beacon CARE Fertility; Beacon Face and Dermatology; The Wellington Eye Clinic; Weight Motivation Clinics; Beacon Pain Clinic; Evie and Beacon Pharmacy among others.

BMG also operates Beacon Renal’s three dialysis clinics in Sandyford, Tallaght and Drogheda under contract to the HSE and referring Public Hospitals.



The Beacon philosophy for the advancement of healthcare in Ireland is to develop the interface between primary and secondary healthcare, both on-site and nationwide, thus maximising healthcare delivery in the community.

The Beacon philosophy aspires in the long term to devolve healthcare delivery as far as possible, not necessarily only to regional centres, but directly into patients’ homes. It aims to develop strong links with general practitioners and nurses individually, or in cooperatives nationwide. It also aims to mobilise nurses living in the community to work within their community by providing them with the necessary infrastructure.

Beacon aims to develop multiple healthcare facilities throughout the country to address deficiencies currently existing and to complement medical facilities already in operation. Beacon Medical Group believes that excellence in clinical care, efficiency and value for money can be obtained through networking of these facilities. Each facility represents a platform for consultants to develop their specialities unencumbered by the traditional constraints of healthcare systems. Beacon aspires to offer its services to all.


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